Learn about the fitness, nutrition and lifestyle services that will help you achieve your goals. Not sure where to start? Book a free consultation on my Contact page.

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Personal Training

$90/session for 1 on 1s

$5/session discount if you buy a 10 pack.

My personal training sessions are 100% tailored to you. I help clients with: 

  • Beginners looking to explore physical fitness

  • Mobility, flexibility & range of Motion

  • Strength Training for both functional and aesthetic goals

  • Kettlebells

  • Core strength

  • Conditioning & Agility

  • Weight loss

  • Muscle gain

  • Finding the right fitness plan for you

Location options: My home gym, your home, The Body Los Angeles, Griffith Park.


Group Training

$150/session for group of 2-10 people*

Love working out with your friends?

Training with a partner or group can add both extra motivation and fun. 

I create fitness programs that can be scaled to each person in the group so don’t worry if you are at different fitness levels. 

*All clients wishing to do a group session, must schedule a 15 minute evaluation with me to be cleared for group training. Some clients may be better served with individualized training or an introduction to basic movements, as to not take away from the other members of the group.

Location options: My home gym, your home, The Body Los Angeles, Griffith Park.


Health COaching

$150/month for a 3 or 6 month program

Includes bi-weekly 50-minute health coaching sessions

Unlimited text & email correspondence

Through coaching sessions. I help people achieve their nutritional and overall health goals related to:

  • Heal relationships with food

  • Intuitive eating

  • Manage stress & feelings of guilt

  • Find balance in food & life

  • Understand what foods are best for the individual

  • Self care

  • Improve hydration & sleep

  • Increase joy and mindfulness 

  • Understanding hunger cues and cravings

Location Options: Sessions can be conducted in-person if you reside in the LA area, or over the phone


*Refer a new client and get $100 credit to use towards any services