Vitamins: Do I need them? What ones should I take?


I’ve been asked this question multiple times this week. I like to start by asking you some questions to get you to start thinking. Your body is an amazing healer by itself and the more you learn to listen to your body, rather than turn to social media, influencers, companies trying to sell you XYZ the more you will be able to self-heal and make decisions that are right for your body.

Why do you think you need vitamins or supplements?

What outcome are you looking for?

What symptoms are you experiencing?

How can changing your current diet and lifestyle solve those problems?

What do you think is better for you? Taking a vitamin K pill or eating broccoli?

Often, we look for quick solutions to problems that are rooted deeper. We want a magic pill that will cure all of our problems, when the pill is actually just a bandaid for a deeper issue.

If you are eating a standard American diet of processed foods & fast food with very little vegetables or fruit, then you may be deficient in some nutrients. Taking supplements might get you the vitamins you need but that isn’t getting to the root issue of why you are deficient in the first place.

If you are eating a diet rich in whole, organic unprocessed foods then you are probably getting the right amount of nutrients for your body.

Vitamin Supplements may be a good option for people with dietary restrictions, such a vegans, who can’t get B12, which is only available in animal products. When choosing supplements, do your own research on brands & quality. Vitamins are not regulated by the FDA, so don’t assume that all pills are created equal. If you are unsure of what to buy, I recommend getting your blood work done during a physical at your doctor’s office. If you are deficient, they will tell you your numbers so you can make an educated decision on what vitamin supplements to buy, rather than buying from companies that sell you pack of vitamins without knowing what you need as an individual.

Amy Potter